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  • Il Lago d’Iseo, facilmente raggiungibile dall’Hotel Noce di Brescia
  • Un weekend in Franciacorta pernottando all’Hotel Noce
  • Le Torbiere: tra la Franciacorta e il Lago d’Iseo
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Spend the weekend in Brescia and travel to Lake Iseo and Franciacorta

For a romantic, cultural, or active weekend

Lake countryside hill. Small towns, bike trails, wineries, and landscapes of great natural beauty make the area of Franciacorta and Iseo the ideal destination for a relaxing weekend full of surprises.

Franciacorta is internationally known for its vineyards and prestigious wine cellars from which some of the excellent wines of the paper of our Restaurant Meat & Spirit are chosen.

Besides visiting some of the wineries, we suggest you visit the Olivetana Abbey in Rodengo Saiano (one of the oldest monasteries in northern Italy), the Castle of Bornato (Renaissance villa, open for visits by reservation) and Villa Torri in Nigoline.

Lake Iseo (or Sebino), perfect destination for a day trip from Brescia, is one of the largest pre-alpine lakes of glacial origin in Italy and is located at the mouth of Valcamonica and north of the fine wine region of Franciacorta. At the center of Lake Iseo is Monte Isola (600 m), the largest and highest lake island in the European Union, accessible by ferry from Iseo and Sulzano for a romantic walk. The landscape around the lake is very relaxing and varied, full of panoramic views and natural beauty. Lake Iseo has been inhabited since prehistoric times, as evidenced by interesting objects and remains of living: the first signs of human life have been found in Sarnico (remains of stilts) and in the Sebino peat bogs, a natural reserve of internatilonal ornithological importance. Also interesting are the curious pyramids of Zone, a natural phenomenon located in a park with breathtaking views.

The cultural riches are no less important than natural. Suffice it to mention the Romanino in Pisogne, the artists Pietro and Giovanni from Marone, whose pieces of art are scattered all across the lake, and the work of Tadini's Gallery in Lovere (Benzoni, Bellini, Tintoretto).

Not far from Lake Iseo the National Park of Rock Engravings Vallecamonica, in Capo di Ponte, is definitely worth a visit. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, where, surrounded by unspoilt nature, you can admire the beautiful graffiti left by Camuni over 10,000 years ago; there is also the Archeodromo, a Paleolithic reconstructed village and an Educational Museum of art and prehistoric life.

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